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Building on our purpose to nurture the world and humankind by advancing care for animals, one of our strategic business priorities is to champion a healthier, more sustainable future for all. At Zoetis, we’re “Driven to Care” and are proud to share our aspirations and specific commitments to our colleagues, communities and customers; the animals the world depends on for companionship, comfort and nutrition; and the planet we share.

We explicitly consider sustainability in all our processes and strategic decision making, and we hold ourselves accountable to these commitments to environmental, social and governance responsibilities. We work with our customers and communities to further understand their needs and help them reach their own goals for a more sustainable world.

Based on the belief that healthier animals build a healthier future for all, we have built on our previous work and are focusing our sustainability commitments to three key areas:

Communities: Care and Collaboration


Partnerships with colleagues, communities and the people who care for animals

Animals: Innovation in Animal Health


Using our expertise in animal health to solve the biggest sustainability challenges

Planet: The Drive to Protect Our Planet


Stewarding resources responsibly and minimizing our impact

Sustainability is a business imperative for the success of our company, our customers and our communities. Working together, we can drive a healthier future for all.

Driven to care